About us

We are a collective of artists, designers and engineers.

emergeworlds was started by two long-time friends Tim Molony and Ben Ward. Our shared love of VR, games and all things creative is what drives us to create our unique experiences. Add to this a fascination with cutting edge tech and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like working with emergeWorlds.

We’re fortunate enough to share these traits with the talented people that work with us here. Our projects draw upon a deep pool of experience with games, production, programming and conceptual design. If you’d like to join our team feel free to send us through your resume and samples of your work!


Tim Molony - VR Executive Producer

Tim Molony Executive Producer

Tim has conceptualised, produced and delivered television shows, television commercials, films and technology products for many of the worlds biggest companies. With his 17 years experience working in a variety of mediums Tim is a master of melding efficient production pipelines to deliver amazing products.Tim loves creating projects that break new ground and bring people together.

Ben Ward - VR Creative Director

Benjamin Ward Creative Director

Ben has extensive experience as a Creative Director on projects ranging from games, educational apps and VR training. He establishes the creative direction of projects and oversees their production from start to finish. A concept-artist by trade, Ben also draws upon his knowledge of 3D design and UI/UX to ensure every project meets the highest artistic standard.

emergeWorlds Team - VR, AR, games, training, visualisation.