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vR first aid skills

[fade]The worlds most advanced first aid experience.[/fade]

emergeWorlds worked with St John Ambulance to create their world-first Virtual Reality education app. We utilised the latest in VR technology to help develop a truly groundbreaking first aid education experience.

  • Fully accredited St John Virtual Reality education

  • Incorporating unique hand interaction technology via Leap Motion

  • Emphasising learning through interaction and play

In addition, we assisted in making the experience multi-device, porting to mobile and web so users can enjoy the benefits of digital training at home.

VR first aid skills training - MIA
VR first aid skills training - St John Map
“By crafting a world and narrative that people can enjoy, VR training can becoming a vastly more engaging experience for participants. Training doesn’t have to be a chore.”
— Ben Ward - Creative Director
VR first aid skills training - St John city map concept
VR first aid skills training - MIA’s home

Immersive virtual reality training is proven to increase engagement and adds a layer of realism that cannot be conveyed through more traditional formats. Coupled with mobile and web the St John First Aid Skills app allows the experience to reach a wide audience. These courses and the multiple device support represent the future of learning and training. They are a benchmark of what can be achieved in the space.

  • Voice control

  • Hand interaction

  • Manikin interaction

  • Unique movement mechanics

  • Cross device play

  • Accredited first aid training

The VR courses place the users in an environment that reflects real-life scenarios. This level of immersion helps increase retention and will hopefully save lives in highly stressful situations. Virtual Reality provides an effective learning experience by training people in the most realistic way possible.

This virtual reality technology allows us to help people build confidence to actually be able to step forward and help out in one of these real life situations