Virtual Reality Production Studio

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Training | Games | Visualisation

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Virtual Reality training, games and visualitsation.

[fade]emergeWorlds creates unique experiences with human interaction technology at their core. [/fade]

We craft a range of worldclass VR products. Training, games and visualisation are just a few of the areas we specialise in:

  • Virtual Reality Training & Learning

  • Virtual Reality Game Development

  • Virtual Reality Visualisation and Real Estate

  • Augmented Reality apps and games

  • Motion Capture and Facial tracking

  • 360 Degree Video and Web solutions

  • Mobile app development

Virtual Reality first aid skills training.



VR First Aid Training

[fade]Virtual reality and interactive technologies will change the way people are educated and trained. It’s happening right now with projects we’ve created with St John Ambulance.[/fade]


VR Training | First Aid | E-Health

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ArchViz | VR Visualisation | Proptech

Tell the story of your space

[fade]Virtual Reality and interactive technologies will allow new and thrilling ways to explore space. emergeWorlds Spaces offers a range of visualisation packages utilising new untethered 6DOF headsets by Oculus. Enjoy the the freedom to explore your next space.[/fade]


ArchViz | VR Visualisation | Proptech

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VR | AR | Mobile | Software |Motion Capture | 3D Production | Concept Design

work with us

 [fade]We partner with clients to create engaging and memorable experiences. Combining high quality production with technology, our team is unrivalled in its creative delivery and technical ability. [/fade]

VR Studio ecosystem - virtual reality, augmented reality, software, mobile dev, 3D production, motion capture, concept design.

Our studio is fully equiped with a wide range of development hardware including the latest premium headsets, development kits and mobile devices. Below are just some of the devices and platforms we develop for:

  • Oculus Quest

  • Oculus Rift & Rift S

  • HTC Vive

  • HTC Focus

  • Oculus Go

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • IOS I-Phone and Ipad

  • Android Mobile & Tablet

  • VR Arcade

  • Playstation VR


Whether your interested in producing content, training or simply exploring the possibilities of VR,
emergeWorlds offers a compelling suite of services designed to realise your vision.

The ultimate dance and rhythm game for VR.

VR dance battles

[fade]Games are our love and our craft. Dance Collider is available now on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We are also excited to announce that we are working on a Playstation 4 version later this year![/fade]


Augmented reality

[fade]Part of our studio ecosystem[/fade]

emergeWorlds embraces every kind of XR development.
We have a comprehensive set of tools and software
experience that allows us to confidently tackle any AR project.


Born or Built?

[fade]The lines between humanity and technology are blurring.[fade]

Born or Built examines the similarities and differences between humans and machines, explores our overlapping shared future, and questions the choices we will make to get there.

emergeWorlds collaborated with Questacon to create the ‘Ragdoll’ experience, exploring the concept of machine learning through play.