Dance Collider at Seoul VR Expo & Tokyo

Thanks to Austrade we got to show off our VR game Dance Collider to Korea and Japan.

It was such a cool experience to see all ages enjoying dancing around in VR. On the public day the booth was jam packed. There were a number of cutting edge Australian companies showing off their products. We also got to check out the latest tech, and even had the chance to pitch to Sony.

5G is coming in a big way and the Asian market is definitely leading the technology. Soon we will have super fast streaming to headsets, phones, glasses, and tablets. We are looking forward to working with the technology in getting Dance Collider out to a huge audience.

The best part of the trip for me was the repeated players coming back for Dance Collider action. I think the youngest player was 4 years old and he nailed it!

Tim MolonyComment