emergeWorlds and St John WA have launched revolutionary virtual reality, mobile and web training courses. Be guided by MIA (medical information assistant) as she takes you through the steps to complete first aid training skills. You will then be assessed in real life simulations and at the end of each completed course you will receive a St John Accredited certificate. 

Virtual Reality Australia St John

Immersive virtual reality training is proven to increase engagement and adds a layer of realism that cannot be conveyed through more traditional formats. Coupled with mobile and web the St John First Aid Skills app allows the experience to reach a wide audience. These courses and the multiple device support represent the future of learning and training. They are a benchmark of what can be achieved in the space.

VR Features include:

  • Voice control

  • Hand interaction

  • Manikin interaction

  • Unique movement mechanics

  • Cross device play 

  • Accredited first aid training 

It’s a groundbreaking project that has been in development for over 2 years. St John and emergeWorlds worked closely from concept stages to scripting and then full production of the courses. 


‘It was imperative to establish a design and production pipeline that could efficiently rollout these courses on three platforms. Each first aid course presented new challenges for the teams to overcome. These included creating movement mechanics, voice activation, and interactions that would work well in the multiple scenarios.” 

Tim Molony

Executive Producer - emergeWorlds 

The initial rollout of the courses include: 

  • DRASBCD – learn the basics and how to put someone into the recovery position

  • CPR – how to perform CPR and possibly save someone’s life

  • Defibrillation – it seems scary, but just follow the audio instructions to use a defibrillator

  • First Aid Management of Choking – how to help someone who is choking

  • Bleeding – manage cuts, scrapes and external bleeding situations

  • Drowning – how to respond

  • Infections – learn the basics of infection prevention

The VR courses place the users in an environment that reflects real-life scenarios. This level of immersion helps increase retention and will hopefully save lives in highly stressful situations. Virtual Reality provides an effective learning experience by training people in the most realistic way possible.

"By crafting a world and narrative that people can enjoy, VR training can become a vastly more engaging experience for participants. Training doesn't have to be a chore."

Ben Ward

Creative Director - emergeWorlds

In both the mobile app and VR experience, you can pick and choose how you want to learn first aid, in a controlled and safe environment. The VR cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) module has launched at the St John Milligan Street training centre in Perth, which you can book online here:

At emergeWorlds we are excited about the applications of this technology for improving ways people train and learn. If you have any questions about how we can help you, get in contact with us here: //