emergeWorlds SPACES creates a world first product to visualise property developments in tether-less Virtual Reality

Experience a new way to view property with emergeWorlds SPACES, a suite of products to bring VR, mobile and web property tours to the mainstream. Interact with furniture and wall colours and experience a tour that redefines the way we will view developments.

The VR product from emergeWorlds SPACES gives you complete freedom to explore your virtual environment. While other services confine you to viewpoints, you can now walk instinctively through rooms in real-world scale. The result: a profoundly more engaging and intimate experience of space.

"emergeWorlds SPACES empowers a new generation of developers and sales agents with cutting edge VR tools. It's archviz on the next level. We believe now is the right time to bring virtual reality visualisation to the masses. With the untethered VR headsets available and easy to use setup it’s an ideal time to access VR from any location. It’s also a visualisation package of products that can be utilised on mobile phones, tablets as well as web."

Ben Ward | SPACES | Creative Director

Property VR .png

There are many levels emergeWorlds SPACES can fit into the development and sales process of a property. The package can be extended beyond just virtual reality and can be used for 360 video tours online and even flythrough videos. 

emergeWorlds have been developing the software and framework to be able to work across many different workflows. Import architectural Revit plans and 3Ds Max files straight in Unreal Engine then deploy to VR, mobile and web. The production process then involves optimising models, adding in interaction for elements in the space and scripting unique features of the space.

“SPACES is a suite of products that will support multiple devices and we plan to reach a very large audience. It’s going to shake up the way a property is visualised with the ability to interact with elements in the environment and be immersed in the experience.” 

“Our point of difference is that we tell the story of the space. We are creating an interactive experience that has voice over, guides, and offers more than just a simple virtual tour. We want to evoke emotion in the buyer and the medium of virtual reality is a perfect fit. We are also excited about the future integrations with tablet devices and web platforms. The offer will be able to be rolled out on multiple devices all at the same time, with each platform offering a different experience.“

Tim Molony | SPACES | Executive Producer

The team at emergeWorlds comes from varied production backgrounds which has allowed new ways of looking at these products. From games production, film & TV production, architecture and advertising, this diverse experience helps the team think outside the square and allows fresh ideas to come forward. The property industry is looking for innovative ways to reach new customers and extend their offerings as wide as possible.

Over the development of SPACES the team at emergeWorlds road tested early prototypes with real estate agents, architects and visualisation companies. The most common feedback from these sessions was to incorporate more of a property tour feel to guide the buyer through the process. We set about making a product that is not only interactive but also informs the buyer with the properties unique features, size, and amenities. We also included easy to use navigation markers and points of interest so the buyer can easily access different areas of the property. 

Our goal is to empower the sales agent with effective tools to best help sell a property or visualise a space. VR is an amazing way to connect the buyer with any new property with improved retention levels and emotional response. It’s part of a bigger package that will make up the future of property visualsation.

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